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Hello readers! I'm the author of this blog, I don't think you need my real name, but I have many pen-name so you can call me Myap/Yoland/Hiko or whatrever you want. I feel that I'm too old to share my age now, because I'm 20 years old (my..I started blogging when I was 12 ). I'm Indonesian so I'll use Bahasa in this blog (okay, sometimes I use English, but my English is not really good). Now, I live in Yogyakarta, but I love my hometown Tangerang so much, so I often spend my money for back to home. I love writing, illustrating, traveling,and playing games (lol). In 2009, I started blogging, but you can't find my 2009's post 'cause I've already deleted it for a reason. I stopped blogging because working in the real life is too busy and hard for me, maybe someday I'll write again for my project. So see you soon. XOXO
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